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Welcome to my website. My name is Himalee and I'm a photographer and a mum of four based in Cardiff. I've been lucky enough to work in both the UK, and most recently in Dubai for 5 years, before moving back to Wales in 2019.


For some photographers that are mums, having children is the moment they pick up the camera. So many beautiful details that you want to remember forever. For me it was a little different…. After years of working in branding and marketing, I worked as a birth doula and seeing the transition of clients as they became a family, was a real privilege. I focus on that journey, everyday moments as your family grows. No endless posing, no dressing up...and always in a place that means something to you and gives context and background to your personal story. I come over for a cup of tea and a play, and we shoot as we go. Or we go out and about on your usual adventures.... Relaxed moments that show the real you, the authentic version you want to remember in years to come.


I shoot a mix of documentary and lifestyle photography but above all, I love telling your unique story, whatever that may be. In a way that can help you look back on each time in your life and have it come back fresh in your mind. Capturing the little things you may forget, as well as the big feelings you’d love to relive over and over again. 


Got a story that you want to tell that isn't featured on my website? Tell me.... I've shot many amazing stories from grandparents meeting their grandbabies for the first time, to being in theatre for cesarean births, celebrating the little miracles in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the simple tradition of making pancakes for Sunday breakfast and going out on scooters after....or the crazy mess of the kids making their favourite cakes. I've shot one family's weekly tradition of playing ping pong after Sunday lunch, and another family saying their farewell to their much loved family's ALL your story. Get in touch, I'd love to capture it for you. 

LEFT: A weekend walk on Caerphilly Mountain. RIGHT: A rare picture of me...with my youngest. Captured by the amazing Chloe Lodge.

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