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Cardiff Family Photography - The 5 family moments we should ALL have photos of

I'm often booked for pregnancy, newborn and family photoshoots, they are by far the most popular times to book a photographer in our lives. But I've also recorded other incredibly special family moments that are key chapters of our family stories. Here are my top 5 family moments that we really should be capturing in photographs.

1. Grandparent cuddles 

It must be an incredibly poignant moment, meeting the baby of YOUR baby. I've captured several first grandparent cuddles at hospital and at home on Fresh 48 Sessions, and it's so incredible to see the love and emotion in the room, and in the pictures. Whether it's a first cuddle with a grandchild, or spending quality time with older grandchildren, something magical happens to grandparents when they have their grandchildren in their arms. It really is unconditional love in one single picture.

2. Their favourite thing to do

We all had it as children, the one thing we could spend the entire day doing. Whether it's scootering, LEGO, playing the violin, doing gymnastics in the house, or even horse riding or go kart racing...this too, may pass by as they grow up, so be sure to capture it to remind them of their hobbies and childhood passions in the future. Mine would have been drawing, playing the piano and violin, and looking through my large collection of novelty soaps (so very 80s!).

3. The great family bakeoff

I know, this can often be an incredibly messy time, but it's just so much fun and such a key part of family life! With lockdown most of us have been baking and cooking with the kids more than ever before, and it makes for a great family photoshoot. Whether it's the pancakes they make with you every Sunday, the pizza they make with daddy, or quick and easy cornflake cakes, recording these sweet times of you all creating something together as a family is a great memory - an image of teamwork and love in one.

4. Best furry (or scaly!) friends forever

Your children and their pets, its a special relationship that we don't often think to record properly. But childhood pets play a huge role in our family life. I always make sure to include family pets in pictures whenever I can, and was also once hired to do an emotional farewell shoot for a family saying goodbye to their beloved family dog. Whatever age your furry, feathery or scaly pets may be, it's so worth getting those special memories recorded in some family pictures.

5. Home is where the heart is....

Moving home is a key life event for all of us. Perhaps you're moving your growing family to a larger house, or maybe you’re moving away to a new area altogether. We lived in Portsmouth before moving to Cardiff, and while I have a few vague memories of the house, I really do wish we had some family photos of the way my 1970s and early 80s bedroom was laid out, or the diner seating I remember we had our breakfast at every morning. Over the years, I've been hired by families either moving home or moving country. They realise their children may not remember their very first home and want to record a diary of pictures for them to look back on.

I'm often asked 'would you shoot.....' and the answer is usually yes! Do you have your own family moment or a story that you'd like to capture? I'd love to hear from you. Telling your unique family story is my favourite kind of shoot. I'm a Cardiff based family photographer covering South Wales, and also shoot in Surrey and West London every few months.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch by DM on Instagram or Facebook , on 07825 130765 or email Alternatively drop me a quick message through my contact form here.

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